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Our Servuces


Stratec Global was created to help both start-ups and established businesses realize their technological and business objectives using the latest technologies to create value for your customers and for your business.

Linking sensor data to dashboards and applications providing operational insights and real-time action based on business requirements. Examples: Online to Offline eCommerce tracking, Maintenance and Lifecycle tracking via embedded sensors are but a few examples.


Build your smart contract application and deliver it onto the most robust and secure technology available today. Examples: Medical Records, Production tracking, Shipping Tracking, Legal document tracking.


Build smart agents which can assist your customers online and decrease call times for in house specialist. Chatbots can apply the right knowledge to the right customer case.


Artificial intelligence is an important aspect to many of our projects because it is the glue that ties together all the data collected across the various touchpoints. We believe that Ai must serve a useful purpose in reducing operational costs while increasing operational efficiency. To that end we leverage AI in various ways – the first using traditional deep learning algorithms to classify and group objects. The second way AI is used is to have a more natural interaction with the end user.


We have an extensive knowledge of payment processing platforms. We can easily assist you in selecting from the myriad of features available on the market today and integrate your technology platform into the selected solution.


Ready to find out more?

Our clients and their projects  range from the highly innovative  that push the boundaries of technology  to others that simply leverage existing information to help drive intelligence, automation to make smarter solutions and business decisions.


We look forward to helping push the bar a little higher,  develop more meaningful KPI’s, and creating new more relevant experiences and insights. This will help you better serve, manage, support and understand your business to drive success.


If you are looking to innovate, disrupt or simply better understand your options - please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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